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Bringing Sport Back. A Redstrike Health Passport initiative

Redstrike Group and its partner, Manchester based cyber-security firm VST Enterprises, is delivering a ground-breaking digital health passport solution to governments, healthcare organisations, sports federations, leagues and clubs around the world. The VCovid™ Digital Health Passport enables individuals who have been officially tested to start returning to work and daily activities in a safe and secure environment.

VSTE’s digital health passport and platform has been developed from the existing VCode® (scannable code) and VPlatform™ technology which allows genuine users to authorise themselves and authenticate a product, across a variety of transactions and interactions. It is currently being used to protect against fraud in many sectors, from document verification, to authenticity checks on apparel and identity, for secure electronic benefit transfer and interactive charitable giving transactions.

VCovid™ will also be deployed by governments around the world to rapidly speed up the process of getting key critical care workers and blue light emergency services returning to the frontline.
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Slide Football Redstrike develops elite football academies and training facilities
for clients around the world
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COVID-19 Update
Redstrike Partners with ground-breaking technological and digital solutions that offer unique value to the sports industry.
We are working with VST Enterprises to kick start the return to football, rugby, golf, horse racing and F1
seasons by creating a digital ‘health passport’ and are in the process of gaining UK Government support.
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Rugby Redstrike works with various brands and rugby union rights holders
to develop new and meaningful relationships with fans
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Motorsports Motorsport is one of Redstrike’s key sectors of operation
We are currently engaged across several international
projects within the motorsports industry.
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Slide Golf Redstrike manages a select group of players
and golf personalities, providing sponsorship and commercial
consultancy and a 360 degree player management services.
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PVF Academy The Vietnam Academy is available for use by teams from around
the world as a training base when in the region.
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