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Tech and sports are heavily intertwined. Fans are digitally savvy, stadiums are increasingly connected, and Clubs use data across all departments. It is a fast-moving area, so we do everything we can to ensure we are on the pulse and can identify the value not just the vision.

Redstrike acts as agents for a select group of tech companies that we feel stand out from the crowd with genuine and clear value to the sports industry. Some of the areas that our tech partners operate in include:

  • Social media monetisation
  • Fan engagement
  • Content promotion
  • Sponsorship activation
  • Event operations
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Redstrike™ is the exclusive global sales and marketing representative for Evolver360, the revolutionary pro football training system.

Evolver 360 is a training system set in a 14msq platform, surrounded by 4 LED walls and ball launchers. Using unique software which can quantify real world football application into data it has been proven to increase technical prowess in players, enhance a players physical attributes and develop psychological strength.
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Redstrike™ is the exclusive global sales and marketing representative for REZZIL powered by MiHiepa, the Global Elite Virtual Reality Football Platform.

Rezzil is a ground-breaking virtual reality football training & cognitive tool designed to help professional coaches to maximise the potential of your players on the pitch. Through a series of unique drills mapped to simulate the pressure and changing realities Rezzil is able to provide coaches with an accurate assessment of the cognitive capabilities, skill levels, strengths and weakness of every player in the squad.

This assessment informs a structured, tailor-made programme for the development of your player’s physical skills, mental sharpness and ability to stay composed in high-pressure situations.

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Sport is Evolving

“Redstrike acts as agents for a select group of tech companies”


Social Media Monetisation

We help influencers to reward their fans, monetise their social media following and drive considerable passive income.

FanzFirst is the world’s first e-commerce platform that allows global influencers to reward their fans through online retail. We will work closely with the influencer to create a bespoke app and website that will keep fans engaged as well as offering excellent deals on their shopping.

Want to find out how we can help you engage fans and monetise your following? Get in touch!
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