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Announcing Ground-breaking Partnership with Playonpro

REDSTRIKE, the agency responsible for opening one of the world’s leading Academies in Vietnam with Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes, is delighted to sign a ground-breaking partnership with Playonpro.

The partnership is built upon the mutual desire to help nations in emerging markets to develop their football talent from an early age, with the long-term goal of enabling national team qualification into major tournaments such as the 2030 FIFA World Cup.

Ryan Giggs and academy players pose for a photo. Scholes
Paul Scholes and academy players after a training session.

Playonpro, set up by former England, Nottingham Forest, Arsenal and Man Utd defender Viv Anderson MBE, is a unique concept that gives the opportunity for retired elite athletes to reconnect and recreate the camaraderie with ex-teammates which they enjoyed for so long and to take part in paid commercial and work opportunities.

A significant part of Playonpro’s mission is to appeal to young players while they are still playing, so they can help them prepare early for the huge transition in their life which is certain to happen after their pro playing days are over.

To achieve this Playonpro launched its own app. The app connects young elite sportsmen and women to others through its own social network. This forum allows for smooth communication of available work and revenue opportunities.

Redstrike Playonpro

Playonpro founder Viv Anderson MBE said: “When their playing careers are over it can often be a huge shock to the system for former elite athletes. Not only do they have to adjust to life outside of the game, but they also have to adapt their finances according to their new life.

“As the statistics show – it’s often an uneasy transition. I set up Playonpro to not only help support former top-level footballers and athletes when they retire with a support network of their peers but, also to keep them busy, whilst maintaining their value. Our goal is to bring the former sports stars closer to the fans, via the soon to be launched ‘Playonpro platform’.

To that end the partnership with Redstrike will offer up a wealth of opportunities for our ambassadors to work at all levels within an academy set up. Exciting times ahead!”

Ex England and Everton star and now Playonpro’s Commercial Director, Trevor Steven, commented – “Having lived these last six years in the Middle-east region with Dubai being my home, I have seen the appetite for football grow strongly every year. Grassroots academies are popping up everywhere. 
The Redstrike Elite Academy project in partnership with the Playonpro stable of over 300 ex-professional players, coaches and managers will take this development to new levels in order to compete at the top table of football. Our playonpro ambassadors are perfectly placed to share their wealth of experience and knowledge of the game and help fulfil the footballing aspirations of the region. We look forward to working with the Redstrike Academy projects across the Middle East.”

Ex England and Liverpool player David James who is a Playonpro Ambassador believes there are huge opportunities in India – “I’m currently managing in the Indian Super League and have been involved in Indian Football since 2014. I have seen the appetite for football increase dramatically across the region.”

Just as I have applied my knowledge and experience of playing and coaching in the English game for the benefit of the players in India, so will the huge breadth and depth of experience of the Playonpro ambassadors be essential in developing the Elite Academies in Asia.”

Playonpro ambassador David James in Hong Kong.                                         

Viv Anderson
Playonpro Founder, Viv Anderson

Viv Anderson can’t wait to team up and work with the Elite Academy programmes, “Now that FIFA is to expand the World Cup Finals to 48 teams, the chance to play football at the highest level will become truly global. Elite Academy programs can step in to these emerging countries to create opportunities and with the experience of our playonpro ambassadors develop the next Messi, Neymar or Pele!”

EX Man United International M.D. and Redstrike CEO, Mike Farnan, is very excited about this strategic partnership: “This gives the Elite Academy programs access to some of the biggest names in World Football which puts us in a unique position in the development of football in emerging markets.”

“When you see the joy and enthusiasm that Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes bring to our Vietnam Academy it really encourages so much positive energy. To the see the boys’ reactions when Paul and Ryan take to field to coach, the boys excel and want to impress the two greats with their dream of following in their footsteps.”

It’s not just the young players that will benefit from Redstrike and Playonpro’s Elite Academy programs, but also the local coaches. Top European coaches and ex-players will lend their time, experience and knowledge of the game to enable the local coaches to develop too.